realityfairReality Fair

Reality Fair is a half-day event sponsored by Ravenswood Community Services. Each year, the 7th and 8th graders of Ravenswood Elementary School study a unit on careers and budgeting. They prepare by researching and choosing a career, finding out how much they would earn, and then making choice about how to cover a month's expenses at "The Reality Fair".

At the Reality Fair, each class spends about an hour walking through a series of "life stations" in the gym that resemble The Game of Life®. Students learn about how to manage a monthly budget and make spending choices given a randomly assigned set of life circumstances. 30-40 volunteers plan and staff the event taking on a variety of roles such as bankers, car salesmen, travel agents, and debt counselors. Students then take this experience back to the classroom and further explore their choices through various classroom activities.

Another component of the program is an interviewing module for eighth-graders. Students request, prepare for, and attend an interview for a mock position in their career field. Volunteers come to the school and conduct one-on-one interviews during the week preceding Reality Fair. These hours are flexible, although they must fall within the regular school day.

You can participate by:

  • Securing event sponsors and/or donations of premiums for students
  • Volunteering to work a station the day of the event
  • Volunteering to conduct one-on-one mock interviews
  • Planning set-up, decorations and logistics in school gym

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